About HAM Radio Today

HAM Radio Today was founded by Mark M0VMT, John M0HJO and Rob 2E1IIP in 2018 to provide an international platform for HAM Radio operators to share and collaborate information on radio related and general topics in a friendly, relaxed environment.
The forum is always changing so if you have any suggestions for new features, modifications or if you would like to contribute to the management of the forum please get in touch via the PM system to one of the admin team or direct to: admin@hamradiotoday.uk

Please have a quick read of the rules and once you have become a member please visit the introductions page and tell us a little about yourself and your Amateur Radio interests, if you are a keen builder why not show off some of your homebrew equipment hard work and enjoy the unlimited image attachment uploads and plenty of video rendering options from the PHPBB WYSIWYG editor.